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DUSLIMO Chauffeurservice FAQ

Discover the world of DUSLIMO Chauffeur Service with our comprehensive frequently asked questions: 1. What does DUSLIMO offer as a chauffeur service? - DUSLIMO offers exclusive chauffeur services for personalized long-distance trips between cities. 2. How can I book a chauffeur with DUSLIMO? - Booking is seamless – either online via our website or by telephone via our service hotline. 3. Which vehicles are available? - Enjoy comfort and style at the highest level with our premium vehicle fleet. 4. Is the price per person or per vehicle? - Prices are transparent, per vehicle, with no hidden costs. 5. Are there fixed fares for certain routes? - Yes, we offer fixed rates regardless of your origin or destination within the city. 6. How flexible is the pickup time? - Choose your pickup time. Cancellations are possible up to 1 hour before departure. 7. Can I contact the chauffeur while driving? - In any case, our chauffeurs will be available for communication throughout the journey. 8. Is there WiFi on board? - Most locations offer WiFi for a productive trip. 9. What are the baggage regulations? - No seat limits and the only luggage limit is the trunk. 10. How are strikes or delays handled? - Our reliable collectors minimize the risk of strikes and delays. 11. Are there additional costs for taxes and tolls? - No, taxes and tolls are already included in the price. 12. Which payment methods are accepted? - We accept major credit cards and other electronic payment methods. 13. Can I receive an invoice for my trip? - Of course you will receive a detailed invoice for your booking. 14. Are the chauffeurs professionally trained? - Yes, our chauffeurs are experienced, professional and attentive. 15. Can I use DUSLIMO for business trips? - Absolutely, our service is ideal for business trips. 16. When should I book my trip? - We recommend booking as early as possible to ensure availability. 17. Is there emergency customer service? - Yes, our 24/7 customer service can be reached at +49 211 163 680 71 or info@duslimo.com or WhatsApp. 18. Can I make special requests regarding the trip? - Yes, we strive to take individual wishes into account. Contact us in advance. 19. Are there discounts for regular bookings? - We offer special conditions and discounts for regular bookings and corporate customers. For further information, please contact our customer service at info@duslimo.com. Embark on a journey full of luxury and reliability with DUSLIMO. Book your extraordinary trip today!


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